360 Beats PS3 In UK GTA IV Throwdown

Yes. This old chestnut. Going off sales data compiled by European chart keepers ChartTrack, it's been revealed that since the launch of GTA IV on April 29, the 360 version of the game has outsold the PS3 version in the United Kingdom. By how much? Well, by around 180,000 copies, with the 360 version moving 750,000 copies, and the PS3 version, 570,000. It's also apparently had an affect on console sales, but since ChartTrack only give out percentages, and not hard numbers, those are useless, and I'm not going to post them. All in all, not a bad rear-guard action by Microsoft's last European stronghold.

360 outselling PS3 since GTA IV launch [Eurogamer]


    If I were given a PS3 for free, it would be used solely as a BR drive rather than a gaming console, because it quite simply sucks ass. God, the 360 was out a year and a half before the PS3 launch, but it can still run GTA IV, for example, in a higher resolution with older tech. PS3 could/should have been the polar opposite of what it actually is, unfortunately for Sony and their legion of mangina loving fanboys, you cant polish a turd.

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