A Game Boy From The Pits Of Microwave Hell

You take a Game Boy, you throw it in the microwave, you can kiss your Game Boy goodbye. Maybe the microwave, too. But if you take your Game Boy then apply some Photoshoppery to it, make it look like its been thrown in the microwave, descended into hell then returned with a thirst for human flesh, well, then you've got this puppy. Truly frightening.

Photograph of my Microwaved Mutant Gameboy Advance [[email protected]]


    .. It kinda looks like two sloppy eggs where slapped to the sides and eyes grew out of them.

    Damn, I was hoping it would be a genuine case mod... The two right eyes make great A & B buttons, along side a D-pad hidden underneath the large eye...
    All you would need is some skill with a paintbrush, a chunk of modelling clay, and a heap of gloss coat, and it could be done!

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