Actually, MGS4 PS3 Bundle Is Coming To Australia

mgs4aus_small.jpgGameplayer is reporting that we will indeed be getting a Metal Gear Solid 4 PS3 bundle, contrary to the Tweaktown story from a few days ago. Looks like its retailer sources had incorrect information, despite being spot on about the GTA IV PS3 bundle.

The pack, confirmed by SCE Australia MD Michael Ephraim, will retail for $749 and hit shelves close to the release of the game. As expected, the console will be the 40GB unit.

MGS4 PS3 bundle confirmed for Australia []


    meh, doesn't matter i'll still be importing a U.S. console, bigger HDD, B/C and it's a few hundred cheaper...

    ... Common, seriously. Where is the BC console....

    if europe gets the 80GB like its rumoured to be, ill be importing it from there, cant believe we only get 40GB now

    Is this going to have DualShock3?

    Those HDD are user-upgradeable. You can change them out. The most amount of disk space I have seen for a HDD of its size is 250 GB, but 160 GB should be adequate.

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