Age Of Conan - My New Best Friend

I've spent a lot of time on Age of Conan this weekend, mainly because I am quitting smoking (4 days now) and it gives me something else to obsess over. I've met many new friends, though none of them are quite as cool as this guy here, who I met while exploring the Stygian desert landscapes.

What I like best about him is his no-nonsense approach to his work. He isn't a male poultry facilitator, or a rooster entitlement manager. He's the Cock Handler, and by gum he's proud of it.

I just wish that he could come with me on my adventure instead of being stuck in one place all the time, but he's happy there, and I'm happy out there killing hyenas. It's the natural order of things.

I'll never forget you, Cock Handler. You taught me so much.


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