Americans Brag, PS3 No Letdown, Kotaku is Wrong

No, no, no! When Hideo Kojima said the MGS4 graphics on the PS3 weren't to his "satisfaction" or that he realised there were lots of "restrictions" the PS3 posed, he didn't mean it. He was just trying to be humble, you know! He's not disappointed with the PS3 at all. He is totally happy with it. The PS3 is awesome. Says Kojima:

On the internet, there's stuff saying "Hideo Kojima" isn't satisfied with the PS3. I'd like to talk about that today. I just got back from Paris and did 15 interviews and everyone asked me about it, did I say that. The meaning of what I said has totally been changed, made totally different. Today, I'd like to talk about that. Why did it turn into that? When I'm doing an interview, I answer in Japanese, and I can't control how the writer will interpret that into English... What I say is then translated in English, and the writer then changes that into their own words and writes that. So, right there, the meaning of what I say changes a lot.

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    you must not understand the concept of mistranslation..Kojima is not an English speaker, someone translated, unless you can read his Japanese responses to their questions, have some ice cold STFU.

    So... there are flying cars in MGS4? Or the next Playstation will BE a flying car, what the fuck is this man talking about, and to expand on that what the fuck is he ever talking about? I don't think its a cultural problem at all, I've seen plenty of interviews on Japanese movies and Anime DVD's with creators who are only to happy to sing the praises of their product. The problem is, and often in the past has been, Kojima himself; the man might design good games but he is a PR nightmare. Sony execs must chew boot leather and drink heavily every time he does an interview.

    I remember a few years ago where he was talking about the fact Metal Gear Solid 2 had the '2' in the title slightly above the text, so it was really Metal Gear Solid Squared and MGS3 would be Metal Gear Solid Cubed. Thats not clever double talk, thats moronic rambling, what dimension is MGS4 supposed to be? The man shouldn't be allowed near a dictaphone.

    And why the hell is he at an Xbox 360 launch? Did anyone else notice that.

    For the record I love the Metal Gear series and will be getting MGS4. Fingers crossed the cut scenes are skipable this time.

    Wow... a blatant, Kotaku trying to suck ass.

    because kotaku is never wrong

    you pretty much just proved kojima right.

    good on him

    MGS4 will be awesome, and he knows it.

    I like that he says things are shit.

    Unlike americans who just fucking lie and bullshit all day

    @ Lee

    Just because you say bigoted things against American's, doesn't mean you're not a bigot.

    I've known plenty of American's who don't 'lie and bullshit all day', and plenty of Australian's who do. Doesn't mean their nationality has anything to do with it.

    Keep your one nation in your pants hey?

    "or make excuses for the PLAYSTATION 3?"
    Hang on... are you saying that there needs to be excuses made for the PS3? I don't think so. Its incredibly powerful and has delivered on its promises. Your comments reveal your biased opinion which is unnecessary.

    What I read from Kojima's comments above is that he aims for the sun and hits the moon. This isn't uncommon. You start off with ideas for your game which would be exactly how you dream the greatest game in the world should be. Obviously not everything you imagine would be feasible, for example thousands of 3 million polygon models running around, billions of acres of playing area, 10 thousand person multiplayer matches, 5000 hours of gameplay, etc. When you start to work out the details and discover that certain things cannot be done, you whittle them down until you get a practical game and live with the slight disappointment of having to accept reality. Its how the best games are made.

    Just take a look at the game graphics for yourselves! they suck! drakes fortune is the best to date on the ps3!! gears of war 1 looks better then this lame ass game!

    Look, it's simple; MGS4 is the car. the TGS 05 trailer for the game (and all that followed) was the "car" "flying", because it set an expectation for fans, and for the devs to reach that level of excellence.

    Kojima is saying when he can make the car "fly", the next step is to take it into space, however this part is not told to the media so as to impress them further, not only by meeting their expectations but to go further beyond. Problem is, they haven't been able to because of the PS3's limitations/restrictions etc., and because he has always taken previous games "out into space", it is why he expresses disappointment for MGS4.

    To summarise what has been said above,
    AJ, STFU.

    @ Kizaru

    So that means I'm... petrol? :-P

    And now that I re-read your post you even make it sound like a negative reflection on the PS3.

    Look I think the PS3 is a beast of a games machine from what I've played, and I'll be getting one just to play MGS4.

    But Kojima san is nuttier than squirrel shit. If I was a Sony PR man assigned to Konami I would be prematurely bald with some of the stuff he comes out with.

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