Another List: Top Blue Ball Moments in Gaming

And weekends are made for lists, too. GamesRadar put up the seven top unrequited lust moments in gaming. The Sims, Leisure Suit Larry and, of course, the final rescue sequence in Super Mario Brothers make the list, but I think they missed about half a dozen more:

• Any strip poker game, any platform.
• Trying to pick up a hooker in a convertible in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
• Putting "Hot Coffee" on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and realizing you're in San Fierro, and you're stuck at 30 percent with Katie.
• Driving back to Los Santos to get it on with Denise.
• Denise not being home when you get there. (this all happened when Crecente sent me the mod)

Anyone else have tales of thwarted nookie or nudity?

Top 7 Blue Ball Moments [GamesRadar]


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