Australian Developers: Guns For Hire & Million Dollar Giants

Australian Developers: Guns For Hire & Million Dollar Giants
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Australian Gamer recently caught up with Rob Davis, a game designer over at Pandemic. He’s worked mainly on two titles during his career – Destroy All Humans 2 at his current lodgings, and Ty 3 during a stint at Krome.

It’s a chunky interview, covering Rob’s history, experiences and how he got his break, but it was his view on the local industry that I found particularly interesting:

Well I don’t think we are an enormous industry but I do think we’re a microcosm of the international industry. One thing that makes me think that is that we’ve got a really split development scene in Australia. Like you are either on a project that costs millions upon millions of dollars (BioShock, LA Noire, Total War) or you are on a project that is more of a “Gun for hire” approach (Firemint, Tantalus, Redtribe). I think that’s also happening internationally too (for better or worse) so in that sense we are operating like the rest of the world.

I think it’s great that regardless of whether you’re making massive games or compact ones, you can still be a successful developer in Oz. It goes to show we’ve really come of age.

There’s more from Rob beyond the link.

10 Game Industry Questions – Rob Davis [Australian Gamer, via Sumea]


  • This was a really interesting read. It’s great to see him mention some smaller games – some I haven’t even heard of – in a positive way, alongside the bigger ones. That includes Puzzle Quest, somewhere in the middle.
    It gives me faith that the company will continue to think outside the square – and we won’t all just end up making licensed phone games. No offence to Firemint or anyone else – making those is fine, especially for people who like more technical jobs – but it’s good to have other opportunities around.

    As much as I love that BioShock and Force Unleashed have been made here, it’s really only technical work, and it’s not all of it. Puzzle Quest and Destroy All Humans are great examples of what we’re capable of, but I think we’ve yet to really wow the world (no ‘Fury’ puns intended), and I know that day will come.

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