Australian Developers: Guns For Hire & Million Dollar Giants

pandemic_mask.jpgAustralian Gamer recently caught up with Rob Davis, a game designer over at Pandemic. He’s worked mainly on two titles during his career – Destroy All Humans 2 at his current lodgings, and Ty 3 during a stint at Krome.

It’s a chunky interview, covering Rob’s history, experiences and how he got his break, but it was his view on the local industry that I found particularly interesting:

Well I don’t think we are an enormous industry but I do think we’re a microcosm of the international industry. One thing that makes me think that is that we’ve got a really split development scene in Australia. Like you are either on a project that costs millions upon millions of dollars (BioShock, LA Noire, Total War) or you are on a project that is more of a “Gun for hire” approach (Firemint, Tantalus, Redtribe). I think that’s also happening internationally too (for better or worse) so in that sense we are operating like the rest of the world.

I think it’s great that regardless of whether you’re making massive games or compact ones, you can still be a successful developer in Oz. It goes to show we’ve really come of age.

There’s more from Rob beyond the link.

10 Game Industry Questions – Rob Davis [Australian Gamer, via Sumea]


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