Australian MGS4 Limited Edition Exclusive To EB Games, Already Sold Out

Australian MGS4 Limited Edition Exclusive To EB Games, Already Sold Out
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Tipster Scott has let us know that EB Games has presold its entire allocation of the limited edition of Metal Gear Solid 4. This wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for the fact that EB Games is the only distributor of the limited edition in Australia – at least at retail. According to Scott, this was confirmed by three EB employees and two store managers.

I contacted Atari not long ago regarding the exclusivity of the game locally after the US found out that GameStop would be the grand pumba. It said it had yet to make any announcements.

As a consolation prize, I’ve included the Australian box art for the game. If the version here is too tiny for your liking, a larger picture can be found after the jump.


  • I’m guessing the whole EB exclusive thing goes for NZ as well… good thing I pre-ordered about a month ago at my local EB (which is out of character for me…). Does anyone know specifically what is included in the LTD edition?

  • WTF this sucks so bad I refuse to shop at EB with them being ripoff merchants and all.

    Looks like it will be the standard edition from JB HI FI for me.

  • New Zealand is in a bit of a pinch over the MGS4 L.E, as I’ve seen an e-mail from Mark Campbell from Atari NZ that says that it looks like NZ may not even get it! This was the contents of the e-mail sent out to some retailers a couple of weeks ago.

    “We have had some clarity on Metal Gear Limited Edition through this morning.
    Unfortunately the news is not good!
    At this stage it is unlikely stock will be available for the NZ market.
    Please ensure that no pre sells are taken for the limited edition.
    If you have pre sells, please advise quantity as at 12pm today.”

    What I got from that was if anyone had preordered prior to the 25th of last month then there may still be a chance of getting a Limited Edition, but if you tried preordering after you’re outta luck.

    There may be hope yet, but the future isn’t looking too bright for NZ..

  • DAMNIT! I was gonna pre-order it, but figured, nah, I’ll get it next week, but then it’s sold out. MAAAAAN…

  • 😛 yay i pre-ordered MGS4 LE a few weeks ago …

    ohh the LE is meant to contain 6in Figurine, MGS4, MGS4 soundtrack, making-of-MGS4 documentuary…

  • No point importing a L.E version of MGS4, since the packs will have a bonus Blu-Ray disc which’ll be regioned..

  • there’s been no official confirmation for the MGS 4 LE yet from atari??

    Do you guys think we will get mgs 1 for psp/ps3 on the psn network like the japs have got?

    or will mgs 1 be remade!!

  • F****ng EB didn’t know s**t when I asked them a month ago how MGS4 was going to be released. This is after I read all the hype about the LE bundle. Now you’re telling me that f****ng EB already had the pre-sale bundle sold out?!

    F****ng Australia SUCKS for ANYTHING good coming.

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