Avatar Game Already Running In Stereoscopic 3D

Anyone seen a movie in stereoscopic 3D? I caught Beowulf a few months back, thought it was great. Partly for the 3D, but mostly for the glasses, because the ones my cinema were handing out were replica Buddy Holly specs, with not a blue or red piece of cellophane in sight. Classy. I mention this because James Cameron's upcoming sci-fi "epic" Avatar will be screened in stereoscopic 3D, and Cameron has 3D on the brain, wanting to screen not just the movie in the third dimension, but the games based on the movie as well. Indeed, Cameron's told Cnet that a 360 build of the adaptation is already up, running, and up and running in 3D. Sounds good to me. So long as the glasses look good.

James Cameron: 3D heading beyond movies [CNET]


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