Avatar Might Be Lacking On Story

Whether it's creating CG liquid robots or making movies underwater, James Cameron hasn't just pushed boundaries, he's toppled them over and then stomped the crap outta them. His upcoming movie Avatar doesn't sound any different! For those unfamiliar with the years off flick, the very gamey flick follows an ex-Marine's struggle for survival on an alien planet. The title refers to the main character's status as an avatar — human mind in an alien body. Besides creating oodles (yes, oodles) of CG alien characters to inhabit the flick, Cameron is also planning to screen the movie (and the movie based games!) in stereoscopic 3D. But what about the story? Says Cameron:

I don't know whether [this]will be [a]great film from a narrative and critical standpoint. The experience of Avatar will be an experience unlike any other movies.

Even if this movie is a bloated disaster, you really gotta admire Cameron's ambition. That beard, too.

Avatar Movie [Empire via io9]


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