Bad Company Demo Coming June 5th

Those of you who weren't fortunate enough to get into the closed beta test of EA DICE's slightly controversial Battlefield: Bad Company will get their chance to step into the boots of B Company in early June when a combination single / multiplayer demo is released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The multiplayer will consist of the Gold Rush game mode on the Oasis map, while the single player will get players acquainted with the colorful characters of B Company. The demo will be up on both Xbox Live and the PSN on June 5th, though people who preorder the game with be able to access the game a week earlier on May 29th. Hit the jump for the full press release, or head over to the Battlefield: Bad Company website for more on the preorder incentive.


    I wonder if we'll actually get the demo on the 5th or later on the 6th, because of the time difference between us (AU) and the Americans.

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