BioWare Backs Down From Draconian Mass Effect Authentication

When Mass Effect comes to the computer it will not use SecuROM's 10-day periodic re-authentication and instead will instead use a modification to do only a one-time online authentication, Bioware announced today.

The developer said the decision came after listening "very closely" to its fans and that the new system will also allow gamers to play the game without the DVD in the drive.

The system will allow gamers to authenticate their game on just three computers, but EA does have the ability to give additional authorisations if they are warranted.

Hit up the jump for the official FAQ and to let us know what you think about this change of heart.


    While this isn't the anwsers to all my hopes and prayers- it's still much, much better than what I was expecting.
    Which was nothing; as usual.

    Thanks Bioware!
    Mass effect get!

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