Boom Blox To Go Multi-Plat? "Definite Possibility"

Just because Steven Spielberg's Boom Blox is a Wii game, doesn't mean it'll only be a Wii game. Sure, it's got those Wii-specific controls, but Electronic Arts mentions that it is thinking about bringing it to other consoles. Says Amir Rahimi, the game's senior producer:

There's definitely the potential to go to other consoles. Our mindset, our philosophy was that we didn't want to taint our thinking by taking any other console into account. The way we saw it we wanted to make this the most authentic Wii experience that it could possibly be. So we didn't think about the PC, DS, PS3 or Xbox 360. We're still very much in the mindset of finishing this game. But once it's over the sky's the limit. There's definitely the possibility of going to other consoles.

Not that there's anything wrong with that!
Boom Blox Interview [Videogamer]


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