Cali Senator Discusses Interactive Violence, ESRB "Conflict of Interest"

You may know California Senator Leland Yee (D-San Francisco/San Mateo) as one of the most ardent critics in politics of violence in video games. A bill he authored intended to legislate the sale of violent video games in his state was recently ruled unconstitutional in federal court, and Yee, along with Gov. Schwarzenegger, are currently appealing the decision. He also urged the FTC to investigate the ESRB in the wake of the Manhunt 2 ratings controversy, and regularly speaks out against video games he believes are "ultra-violent."

Consumer site GameCyte recently interviewed Sen. Yee and asked him to explain why he thinks games are more dangerous than other forms of violent media, such as films and television:


    Damn straight! Those damn ESRB people need touch-sense technology to warn parents of how violent video games are, because clearly, it's physically impossible for little Jimmy's mom to take a box, take a gander at the lower left corner and determine the content she will be exposing her son to.


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