Capcom Fuck Clover's Sad Panda Corpse [Updated]

How does Okami director Hideki Kamiya feel about the Wii port? He's pretty bummed out! The Wii version has cut the staff end credits from the game, which was released in North America earlier this month. The original game was developed by now dissolved Capcom subsidiary Clover and ported by Daxter developer Ready at Dawn. According to Kamiya:

I really don't know what under pretext the credits were cut... What do you all think? I feel dejected, and not only because my own name has been erased from my creation. Of course we have pride in our work and we want to scream "We made this!" from the top of our lungs. But more than that, the fact that they cut the entire staff is utterly deplorable.

The reason for this is that the end credits were a pre-rendered movie that contained the Clover logo, and Capcom says it couldn't use that logo because of legal issues or something. With Clover gone, Kamiya no longer works for Capcom, but heads up his own Osaka-based studio called Platinum Games. Regardless, erasing the names of people who worked years on a game? That's what the kids call "shitty."

Kamiya on Credit [Platinum Games via Canned Dogs Thanks, Sarah!]

Eds Note: Oh! For those who are interested in reading the entire post (in English), Platinum Games has posted the official translation here.


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