Capcom's Sushi Muse?

So my day job (Frengo Corp.) is like, not even a block from Capcom supreme world U.S. command in San Mateo, Calif. And equidistant to us both is the above Trader Joe's grocery, which Californians know as a go-to stop for tasty lunchtime treats for not a lot of dough. I enjoy the barbecue chicken pinwheels, even if they do pack 53 percent of my RDA of fat.

But I was in there Thursday and I noticed something.

Hmmm. Okami sushi? Okami video game? Nah ... that's just a coincidence ... right? Okami means "one who is higher." And really, if one were to burn doobage, who wouldn't eschew the Funyuns and king size Almond Joy for a yummy party tray of sushi? (And $US 5.99 for 14 pieces is pretty slick for the non-high too.)

So, nah, no way, Capcom did its homework and totally did not get a video game title from a grocery's in-house sushi brand.

Wait, what's this? On the label, what the hell is that, an IGN watermark over the Okami title ...?!?!?!?!?!!!!!

Oh dammit, someone's gonna get FIRED.


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