Chun-Li's Nose Hairs Now Available For Your Viewing Pleasure

The official Capcom blog confirms what we posted yesterday, that filthy faced Kristin Kreuk is indeed doing her best Chun-Li impersonation in Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li. They've killed us in the resolution department though, offering up a massive 4368 x 2912 pic of Kreuk in scowl mode. As the official blog writes, it's "perfect for printing and smooching", as well as determining whether one would "hit it" if given the opportunity. Unfortunately, we have yet to see how sharp her knees are, a very important consideration.

What we did find more interesting than the deep insight into Chun-Li's pores was the (potentially spoiler-ish) jewellery she's rocking.

Spinning bird necklace?! It would appear so. We can't wait for the pausable DVD Blu-ray release fun that awaits us on our lonelier nights.

Get your copy of the pic at the link below.

Kristin Kreuk as Chun Li from SF movie [Capcom Blog]


    She`s dop dead gorgeous. I`ll take 3 tiockets

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