CliffyB Doesn't Want To Be CliffyB Anymore

It's Cliff Bleszinski — not CliffyB, Cliffy B, Cliff B, Cliffy or Gears of War dude. Cliff Bleszinski. The game designer is dropping his "CliffyB" moniker and wants to be called by his real name. According to CliffyB Cliff Bleszinski, it's "time to grow up." But CliffyB Cliff, we didn't think your nickname was immature! CliffyB It's just unfortunately way easier to spell than Cliff Bleszinski! We really hope that CliffyB Cliff Bleszinski reconsiders. And stops eating puppies. Well at least our favourite CliffyB Cliff Bleszinski nickname, The Cliffster, is totally safe!

Done with CliffyB [Multiplayer][Pic]


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