Codemasters To Make Their Own MMOs

Up until now, venerable UK developer Codemasters has been merely dipping their feet into the MMO, licensing titles such as RF Online, Archlord, Dungeons & Dragons Online and Lord of the Rings Online. Now, as they are readying the release of their 5th licensed MMO, NetDevil's Jumpgate, Codemasters reveals plans to take on MMOspace with the development of their own games. VP of Codemasters Online Gaming David Solari explains that everything is going according to plan.

We always had a five year plan and it was always in the middle of that five year plan that we would start developing our own games. We are looking at that and we have to think very carefully about what title is right, what will work in the future.

At this point in the MMO genre's lifespan I cannot even begin to imagine what Codemasters could bring to the table that would have much impact, which is probably why I am not a game developer.

MMO Week: Codemasters to bring MMO development in-house []


    Actually, Codemasters didn't license Jumpgate from NetDevil. That info is inaccurate.

    They licensed the upcoming title Jumpgate Evolution. Different game. NetDevil still holds all rights to the original Jumpgate title, which is an older MMO game that released back in 2001.

    I have designed a MMO WW2 game on CD for the past 3 years, Quests, Character traits, types, classes...Inputed all the math behind Damage vs Armour = Health lost etc. Designed over 3500 different types of Clothing, Weapons for toons to use. Designed there specs damage etc...and much more. Have 30 maps on a linar world. If you want to discuss this further let me know

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