Conan Conquers GTA In Europe

Conan Conquers GTA In Europe
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Now to be honest, the latest game sales charts out of Europe show Funcom’s PC MMO Age of Conan beating out Grand Theft Auto IV in only two of three countries charted, the odd country out is Spain, which – no offence to our Spanish readers – is the European country I forget exists nine times out of ten. Face it, you guys are quiet over there. You and Portugal, just kicking back on the beach, playing Wii Play and Mario Kart.

Meanwhile, in Germany and Sweden, Conan is laying waste to the sales charts, soundly trashing GTA IV on both consoles. Seems like a clear win, but you also have to take into account that many people buying GTA have already bought it, and this is Germany and Sweden we are talking about, where Conan isn’t just a book…it’s a way of life. If you close your eyes you can almost hear the melodic death metal ringing across those icy hilltops as players in both countries talk about frame rates in OOC chat for hours and hours.

GTA IV Surrenders to Conan in European Charts [Next Generation]

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