Consoles Are Dead, Long Live the PC?

Wild Tangent's CEO, Alex St. John, made some 'brazen' claims at the ION keynote — one of the boldest being that console gaming is dead and the PC is looking towards a renaissance. It should be noted that St. John has blabbered about this before, so he's just retreading previous ground:

Beginning one of several brazen claims in his keynote, St. John spoke of the death of video game consoles: "Nobody needs a console when a game's value and DRM is defined by community or an input device. Consoles just serve to keep you from playing a game you didn't pay for."

He asked, "What's Sony and Microsoft's motivation to make another console? It's been so rocky, and it's not about the pretty graphics anymore." According to St. John, spectacular graphics have become a commodity, and not the platform for games to differentiate themselves. "The Wii is the exception that proves the rule — it's not about the graphics, it's about the input device.

He went on to talk about advertising models and targeting the right audience — but his statements on the console vs. PC pack the most punch.

WildTangent's St. John Declares Consoles Dead, Claims PC Renaissance [Gamasutra]


    The only thing I associate WildTangent with is spyware.

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