Crackdown Creator's Bought Their MMO Back Just To Sell It To Rockstar?

Put these pieces together. Realtime Worlds made Crackdown. Realtime Worlds are now at work on an MMO called APB, which is not entirely dissimilar to Grand Theft Auto. Realtime Worlds were founded by David Jones, who created Lemmings. Oh, and Grand Theft Auto. Last month, Realtime Worlds bought back the rights to APB from Korean company Webzen, who were originally scheduled to publish the game. Why the buyback? Eurogamer are reporting that, according to "a credible industry source", it was so they could turn around and sell the game to Rockstar, who could then rebadge it as a GTA MMO. Realtime are keeping quiet on the rumours, saying only that they bought back the rights to their game to "give themselves some options".

Realtime downplays GTA Online talk [Eurogamer]


    You'd assume that if Rockstar wanted to publish it, then they'd want to port it to atleast 1 of the consoles to sell the most amount of copies that they can.

    Yes, yes all very shocking and all, OMG GTA Online and so on, I think I all ready played that, maybe the free game option of GTA IV multiplayer. Getting to the point though where the frak is my Crackdown 2!

    I want an evolving futuristic motorbike and new super powers.

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