DBZ Burst Limit - Trunks Vs. Recoome

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Here's a clip from Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit, showing off the battle stylings of the proof that Vegeta and Bulma got it on, Trunks, and the giant developmentally-disabled child Recoome. Things seem to be going well for the big lug until Trunks' hair gets blond and spiky, and then even spikier. Blond and spiky equals doom. As far as the gameplay goes, I was far more impressed by earlier screenshots than I am by the game in motion, especially in light of what I've seen of Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm. Face it Dragon Ball Z, it's much easier for fans to slip on a Leaf Village headband than craft their own giant foam hair. Maybe it's time to hang up the emergency orange outfits and move on. *flees*


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