Disgaea Anime DVD Winners!

disgaea_dvd.jpgThat’s it, our Disgaea DVD competition is over! We’ve had a look at all the wonderful haikus that were sent in over the last week and, with great difficulty, selected five to receive a copy of the Disgaea Collection. Don’t feel bad if you missed out – the pack is available from today for $49.95.

Special props again to Madman, who made the competition possible. If your name appears after the jump, watch your inbox as we’ll be in touch soon to get your mailing address.

Now, for the winning entries!I’m trying to decide if Scott Elliott has used “prinnies” as a euphemism:

Disgaea’s Etna
Loves to juggle her prinnies
Too bad she can’t catch

Dave McCormick sure loves the word “Ha”:

ha ha ha ha ha!
King Laharl Dominates All
Except Photographs

Kindness and compassion are just a kick away in the world of Ryan Stalgis:

Kindness? A swift kick
The measure of compassion
A demon should have

Anthony has time for everyone, including prinnies:

Afternoon Of Darkness
Time For Tea Then, My Prinnys
Then We Grind Levels

Finally, Kosta Tsoutas wonders what it is that makes prinnies go kaboom… and use the word “Dood” so much:

exploding penguin
where did science go so wrong
prinny barrage, doood!


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