Disney's DGamer Service Launches

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian for the Nintendo DS has been released, heralding the launch of Disney's DGamer community service, first announced back in February. Henceforth most every Disney game for the Nintendo DS will integrate the service, which allows players to create their own online identity and participate in a community the likes of which Nintendo has never allowed.

"DGamer was built around the vision to connect Disney video game fans in a secure, fun environment and it is truly the first integrated online community of its kind to do so on multiple platforms," said Graham Hopper, executive vice president and general manager for Disney Interactive Studios. "We recognise the importance of delivering unique experiences to our consumers and how crucial it is for parents to feel confident that the community is secure for their kids."

The service is completely integrated with Disney's already established online community at www.DGamer.com.


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