EB Games Australia Reckons Sept 2008 For Rock Band

EB Games Australia Reckons Sept 2008 For Rock Band
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EA may be staying quiet on the Oz release date for Rock Band, but that hasn’t stopped retailers from closing their eyes, spinning their hands around and stabbing a finger at the calendar.

EB’s the latest to have a go, with its new and improved website offering September 2008 as a possibility. The arse-end of the year is the only hint we’ve had over the last couple of months, so September is as good a guess as any.

Rock Band >> Xbox 360 [EB Games, thanks Cam]


  • I am assuming the delay has to do with the Downloadable content rather then anything else well except EA’s Australasia sales manager maybe a dick

  • So this means it will have taken a whole year for Rock Band to make it to Australia from the US, that sucks.

    Anyways while a $300 price tag would be awesome (and somewhat realistic for what it should be with shipping+Aus taxes) I suspect we will pay anywhere from $400 AUS and up.

  • I was wondering yesterday if you guys at Kotaku Australia knew that PalGN says June. *Apparently* they have a good track record, so I thought it was at least worth a mention. Then I realised, however, that that release is listed for all 4 consoles… which would make it earlier than the larger portion of the partial European launch. I almost cried.

    It’s funny you ran this story today. I walked past an EB today, and made a mental note to go in there on Wednesday – next time I go past – and ask them if they had any info. I’ll still do it, too. And I’ll ask if it’s confirmed, or just a guess. The store attendant’s probably won’t really know, but it’s worth a shot.

    Anyway, if this is true, I think Rock Band will basically be dead to anyone by the time it gets here. I hate to say it, but if anyone would know, it’d be EB.

    Alot of people don’t like hype. Now, I don’t like when good games go unnoticed and big games with lots of advertising money succeed unfairly, but, to be honest, a little excitement can be fun. It gets people together, gives them things to talk about, and gives them something to look forward to, and save their money for. The point is that the hype machine WORKS, if the game is good – and we all know it is. It sells games, if they’re even half decent. But when this comes out it’ll be most of a YEAR old. The hype is still there, but it’s slowing, Harmonix. It’s dying, EA.

    When will EA realise we aren’t completely isolated? Our Internet might be terribly slow and limited compared to other countries’, but it EXISTS, and believe it or not, we hear about this stuff. We have phones. We have magazines. We have websites that are hyping Rock Band up like it was Halo 4, Metal Gear 5, or Super Smash Bros: Big Ass Punch Up. And we have people like ME, that mention this game to their friends every other day!

    And the point is the hype will be long gone by the time Rock Band finally gets here, and you know what’s gonna be on its way? Guitar Hero 4. Confirmed to have other instruments. And if its release is anything like Guitar Hero 3’s, we’ll have it within weeks of North America.

    This kind of reminds me of Nintendo with Mother 3. Everyone wants it. Everyone is absolutely tearing their hair out for it, even aaagggess after the launch. But can we get it? Not easily. People are paying the insane postage for importing it (as I will be, when I get my hands on enough money – I sure hope that Krispy Kreme job application succeeds), and half the money people are paying for the game is going to the United Parcel Service.

    Considering EA’s love for money, (and that’s not just meant to be an insult), I’m almost starting to think their might be a good reason for the delay. …The price we will undoubtedly have to pay, however, still makes me cry myself to sleep.

    Furthermore, I sadly wouldn’t be surprised if we ARE lumped in with Europe for the timed exclusivity. I want the PS3 version for sure, and it’d be irritating to have to wait ’till after ANOTHER Christmas to get one.

    P.S. Anyone know of anywhere to import it for less than the usual $380? I’ll want an extra guitar as well… And I don’t mind waiting ages for shipping – as long as it’s less than waiting for the official release.

    In fact, may I suggest Kotaku runs another ‘PAL resident’s guide to importing Rock Band’ when the Wii version comes out? Investigate the Wii version status with the Freeloader and all that stuff, peripheral compatability, 3rd party guitars etc etc, and give an update on the status of importing for other consoles?

    Look, none of this is meant to be just a direct insult to EA or Harmonix. If they can get it out here soon, it will benefit they buyers AND the sellers.

    Anyway, thanks for the info, guys. I’m gonna go pine for the game some more. 😛

  • It’s been listed as September on EB for a while now – well before the launch of the “new” site anyway.

    Go into an EB store and ask them when it’s coming out, and you’ll hear “May”, “June”, “July” & so on up to and including December – they have no idea.

  • they must be getting peasants to swim them over from america hence the long wait and hefty price

    but seriously, i was oh so anticipated by this title following it really closely and now? well, i don’t really care about it too much though don’t get me wrong, i’m still going to buy it when it is out.

    it’s like going to the amusement park when you’re a little kid and going to the ride that you dreamed about throughout the road trip to the place then to find out there is a big ass line to wait to get a go at it.

  • Yeah $300 would actually not be a reaming! I paid $250 (with shipping) to get it from the states so $50 more is about how much extra most games cost over here

  • Im hoping for some Aus Exclusive DLC. Silverchair, Powderfinger, INXS, Grinspoon, Wolfmother- so much you could have for the Australians, and it would be so worth the wait.

  • @Azmodean
    WHERE ON EARTH did you get it imported for $250 with shipping? Pleassse, tell me! I read almost every story on Kotaku. I know this story was posted almost a day ago, but if ANYONE knows where to get it that cheap… Leave a comment on the next RB story!

    I agree! Powderfinger and Wolfmother would be awesome in Rock Band, and I’m not even that huge a fan of them. It could help promote some decent local bands as well. Hell, they could release them in other countries as well – it’s downloaded after all.

  • hey guys ive been going up to my local EB (Waverly gardens) and been playing it everyday since last monday.

    its on the playstation 3 and i haven’t found one single fault with it. Ive played a couple of times with the manager and hes let me know that it is september that its going to be released on all systems *360/ps3/ps2/wii* with the online content it will only be avaliable to people with 360 and ps3. the ps2 will DEFINATLEY not have dlc so don’t bother, the wii may have, but its not for sure.

    but that date is for sure. its has been told to all eb stores, he has even shown me the date on his staff callender as there is going to be a big release.

    so yerh people have fun, and yes im definately going to buy this on my wii

    there saying $320-$380 *ps2 being the cheapest* and PS3 the highest.

    thanks guys

    now lets all play the waiting game

  • AU pricing sucks. The special edition is available at walmart for $169. That includes drums,1 guitar game and mic. Actual postage cost is only $120 to AU. I have a brother in Canada and have considered getting him to buy it and ship it over.

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