EBGames Australia Gets New Website

ebgames_site.jpgAbout a day from now, EBGames.com.au will relaunch with not only a new look, but much needed upgrades. The updated site will include an improved catalogue browser, trade-in viewer and best of all - drop down menus.

Okay, it's really hard to make this exciting, especially as drop down menus are, by nature, pretty damn boring. I'm sure everyone who uses the site on a regular basis will get a lot out of it, or at least, convince themselves they're getting a lot out of it.

[Thanks Benjamin]


    Great! now we can see there overpriced games online too =)

    About bloody time. Useful for checking dates, and potential deals.

    Yep, now I don't have to leave my couch to see they're charging $95 for a secondhand game I can buy anywhere else brand new for $80. Convenience.

    I worked in an EB years ago. I hoped and I prayed for the day when people could look up stuff on an AU website instead of calling me to ask whether the latest train driving simulator had been given a release date.
    It's hard to believe they took so long to do it.

    Their website's been up for over a year... this is just a redesign by the look of it.

    Until recently, EB didn't have a website at ALL.
    I wonder if the reason they didn't have a website was because they didn't want people to see how horrifically overpriced their games are before they got them in their shop. Especially their second hand ones - go next door and get it new for the same price.

    Eh, either way, I guess a better webisite is useful. Not nearly as useful as Play Asia, but better at least they're trying. Kinda.

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