ECA: Special Interest Groups "Don't Have A Leg To Stand On"

Nonprofit advocacy group The Entertainment Consumers' Association is hailing the results of a recent Federal Trade Commission study that showed 80 percent retailer compliance with the ESRB's ratings system, a continual year-over-year increase that puts games ahead of other media in self-regulating mature content.

ECA President Hal Halpin called the results, which improved significantly over 2007, "an extraordinary accomplishment," praising retailers' commitment to keep M-rated games out of kids' hands. "Perhaps most impressive is the incredible reversal in their failure rate over such a short period of time and with a comparatively new rating system," Halpin said.

"This is truly a vindication for video game merchants who have been falsely damned by anti-game advocates and special interest groups, who now don't have a leg to stand on. Our congratulations and thanks are extended to these retailers, who, above music and movie merchants, have proven their word, empowered parents and shown a commitment to corporate social responsibility."

The FTC survey, and Halpin's comments, come just on the heels of a bill in the U.S. House that would levy $US 5,000 fines for retailers who sell adult games to kids. The proposed legislation is similar to bills in states such as Oklahoma, Illinois and California, that were all ultimately ruled unconstitutional in 2007.


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