ESRB Rates EarthBound For Wii VC

Here's one future Wii Virtual Console update I cannot wait to write up. The ESRB has recently posted a rating for the classic Super Nintendo RPG EarthBound for the Nintendo Wii. The sequel to the Japanese-only game Mother, the game tells the story of Ness and company as they fight to gather the powers of the Earth to defeat the evil alien Giygas. With a compelling humor, an original setting, and some damn fine graphics for a Super Nintendo game, EarthBound is widely considered to be one of the greatest role-playing games of all time...and now it is rated E for Everyone. There really is only one reason an older game gets a Wii rating via the ESRB, so expect EarthBound to arrive on the Wii Virtual Console sometime in the near future.

The Entertainment Software Rating Board [Official Site - Thanks Andrew!]


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