Far Cry 2 - Play The Game You Want To Play

Far Cry 2 looks like the sort of game I could get completely lost in. Looking at the scenic environments in this video, a preview clip from Ubisoft's upcoming Ubidays press event, I get the urge to just wander about. Maybe it's just my recent exposure to Wild Earth: African Safari talking, but what they've created here almost looks too lovely to blow up. Fortunately the way you play the game is just as varied as the vistas you'll encounter. Creative director Clint Hocking sums up the concept of Far Cry 2 quite nicely towards the end of the video.

It's about giving the player the opportunity to play the game he wants to play the way he wants to play it.

That's a concept I can totally get behind, though getting them to include a camera I can use to photograph wildlife might be a bit too much to ask.


    Call me crazy but I like my games to have a strong narrative and clear direction. Far cry just dumps you in the environment and waves goodbye. GTA also has heavily detailed surroundings with open-ended game play in addition to a fleshed out story, and if I'm not mistaken has sold well. I guess Europe hasn't got wind of this yet.

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