Far Cry 2 Is Not Ubisoft Trying To Outdo Crysis

Far Cry was developed by PC developer Crytek. Crytek made Crysis, and that game is very, very pretty. But Crytek isn't doing Far Cry 2 — Ubisoft is! The photorealism of Crysis must be somewhat intimidating, even for Ubisoft. But the Far Cry 2 developer is going a different direction. Says the game's art director Alex Amancio:

Very early on we knew that we wanted to go a completely different direction. Instead of going for the tropical island and trying to go for hyper realism, we changed the setting. First of all we wanted to have a really, really credible environment, but we didn't want to replicate anybody's vacation photos.

Probably smart. Who wants to play somebody's vacation photos anyway?

Far Cry 2 Different [Ubisoft][Pic]


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