First Look At Tekken Movie Costume

Another game, another movie adaptation! Here's a first look at the upcoming Tekken movie. No, better yet, a look at an actor in the movie wearing his movie costume! That's world champ martial arts fighter Cung Le as Marshall Law in his Marshal Law garb. The movie is being directed by Marked for Death director Dwight H. Little and stars former boy band singer Luke Goss as Steve Fox, Kill Bill's Chiaki Kuriyama as Ling Xiaoyu and some other people as other characters.

Cungle's Page [MySpace via SDTEKKEN]


    Hollywood are really struggling for scripts these days, whats next tetris: the movie?

    Even my nan looks more like marshall law than this so called actor bet he cant make the sounds better than me

    The only part close to this actor that is similar to Marshall law is his physique and black hair... Where's bruce lee when you need him.

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