Forbes: GTA IV is a Threat to the Wii

Forbes' Brian Caulfield asks if Grand Theft Auto IV, which isn't available for the Nintendo Wii, will finally take some of the shine off that console and slow its sales. He doesn't directly answer that question, but points out the Wii's missing out on a $US 400 million party. Further, "It's one of a series of good games that will each convince consumers that there is a lot of good content on the other two boxes," an analyst says in the piece.

And if the Wii's sales might is because it appeals to casual gamers, then it's going to miss out when a title for more traditional gamers releases and starts doing gangbusters business. If a title for the Wii is that good, it's easier to port it over to PS3 or the 360, Caulfield points out. Not so in reverse.

Here's his scoresheet:

Sony: Fresh off victory in the HD-DVD/Blu-Ray war, which will help move consoles long-term. Plus GTA IV looks better on a PS3.

Microsoft: "Best-in-class online experience" which will see tons of DLC to keep it competitive and reaping money off GTA IV.

Nintendo: Pretty much zilch, and kind of backed into a corner. "It's hard to imagine how the sprawling world of Grand Theft Auto IV — which already taxes the multicore processors powering the XBox and Playstation — could be recreated on the Wii," Caulfield writes. This goes for other games like it down the road, too.

Verdict: "Wii won't die, for sure. But Grand Theft Auto IV may have just given a new lease on life to the Playstation 3," Caulfield writes.

How Grand Theft Auto IV Threatens the Wii [Forbes]


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