Former SEGA Idol Opens Meat House

Swimsuit model and space alien Yuko Ogura is no longer the face of SEGA. The current "image character" is TK, and Ogura's moved onto better things! Like being a "Live Face" mask model or being on TV sometimes and saying things. Look! Ogura now has a chain or Korean BBQ restaurants. I spotted one earlier today. Not sure if this is the kinda place I'd buy raw meat from to cook. And literally fifteen paces from the Ogura meat house?

Good to see the girl has moved on.

Eds Note: To bring everyone up to speed, Yuko Ogura was a two-time SEGA "image character" and even appeared in a SEGA produced kids' show. Ogura claimed to be from an apple-shaped star called Korin, but has since shyed away from that nutty claim realising that people don't take seriously girls who say they're aliens. SEGA has since replaced Ogura with the more normal Satomi Ishihara.


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