Fury League “More Sport Than Traditional Computer Game”

Fury League “More Sport Than Traditional Computer Game”
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Another press release has arrived from Auran regarding the newly established “Fury League”. Yes, the same Fury League we covered four days ago, where Fury players can share in a $25,000 prize pool by competing in various ladders.

If you were wondering how the $25,000 is to be divided, don’t worry, I was curious too. According to lead designer Cameron McNeil, players in the top bracket can earn $250 a week, while those at the arse-end can collect $8 per week. There are ten brackets all up.

Auran CEO Tony Hilliam says the Fury League is to be “more like a sport than a traditional computer game.” To me, it sounds like the developer is, in an indirect way, bribing people to play. Cash for victory is a good incentive, but shouldn’t gamers want to play because it’s fun? If it’s an extreme measure to bolster the player base, fair enough, but is the model sustainable? Where’s the cash coming from?

Not that any of this will matter if the ladders can’t get off the ground. I noticed this clause in the release:

A minimum of 2,000 players completing at least 10 games each prior to the commencement of the first Ladder period is required to justify the prize pool. Insufficient entries will result in either postponement or cancellation of the Ladders.

Is Fury currently running with less than 2,000 players? Not the most encouraging numbers.

All the info after the jump.

Fury League Prize List Breakdown
2,000 individual cash prizes to be won.

Brisbane, Australia, May 12 2008.
Auran Games, creators of the new free to play skill-based online competition “Fury League” (www.FuryLeague.com), today announced the breakdown of the $25,000 in cash prizes that will be won over the next few weeks.

“We have established Fury League to be more like a sport than a traditional computer game,” said Tony Hilliam, Auran CEO. “We want to encourage friendly rivalry and competition between players on a weekly basis rather than opting for larger more infrequent prizes that reward only the top few players. Fury League will offer Ladders with prizes every single week and to kick things off we are starting with two Cash Ladders with 1,000 individual prizes per Ladder.”

“We have created 10 prize brackets ensuring players at every skill level have a great chance of winning a prize,” said Cameron McNeil, Fury Lead Designer. “It is also a great incentive to play a little more to get into a higher prize bracket. The prizes range from $250 for the 8 winners in the top bracket, down to $5 for the 288 winners in the 10th bracket. I don’t know of any other totally free to enter competition that has offered this many prizes, and we are looking forward to seeing thousands of players in game in the coming weeks.”

“Even a player in 70th place will earn $25 cash,” said Hilliam, “Chances are if he came 70th in the first week, he could repeat that performance and win another $25 the next week. Of course just like my weekly Saturday golf game, it’s not really the money that counts, but rather the bragging rights amongst your mates that is more important.”

Entry into the special Fury League “Cash Ladders” is totally free and conditions of entry can be found at www.FuryLeague.com. The first Cash Ladder will kick off May 20 with players competing in 8 v 8 team Vortex. The second will begin on May 27 with players competing in the 4 v 4 Elimination game type.

A minimum of 2,000 players completing at least 10 games each prior to the commencement of the first Ladder period is required to justify the prize pool. Insufficient entries will result in either postponement or cancellation of the Ladders. Players can create their free account or log on to their old Fury account before May 20 to ensure a good level of competition for the cash prizes.

All players begin with all abilities and 10,000 Fury Gold to spend on the armour of their choice, so it is a level playing field from the very start.

The full breakdown of prizes and more information about Fury League can be found at www.FuryLeague.com

About Fury League
Fury League is a free to play (F2P) fast-paced arena combat game where players can turn their skill into cash. All players have equal access the same equipment and abilities and so individual skill is required to win. Players compete in 6 different game types and can win Fury Gold prizes. Fury Gold can be converted into cash, with a small processing fee applying to each withdrawal. Players can pay Fury Gold to enter certain game types and Gold Ladders to win larger prizes.

About Fury League Cash Ladders
As a special promotion to kick start the new Fury League, two special Cash Ladders with $25,000 in prize money will operate from May 20 and May 27. Once the Cash Ladders are completed, future prizes will be awarded as Fury Gold.


  • Has anyone ever felt like buying a game out of pity? I guess this is a first for me. We really should be supporting the local market, but this game gets such bad press. I wonder if it’s as buggy as it was at release.

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