Game Mania Offering MGS4 Bonus Blu-Ray Disc

mgs4_shot.jpgMissed out on the MGS4 Limited Edition? Melbourne-based retailer Game Mania is giving out a bonus Blu-ray disc containing videos, trailers and other goodies with all preorders of the game. Here are the details:

– Introduction to MGS4s protagonist, Old Snake

Metal Gear 20th Anniversary
– Brief visual overview of the different Snake characters

Big Boss The origin of Snake
– Introduction to Big Boss and Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

Liquid The second Snake
– Introduction to Liquid Snake and the original Metal Gear Solid

Solidus The third Snake
– Introduction to Solidus Snake and Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of the Patriots

Solid The first Snake
– Transition to Solid Snake and MGS4

MGS4 Trailer Collection
– E3 2006, USA
– Tokyo Game Show 2006, Japan
– E3 2007, USA
– Game Convention 2007, Germany
– Tokyo Game Show 2007, Japan

It’s no official limited edition, but a nice deal nonetheless. If you’re still looking to place your preorder and have $110 to spend, Game Mania might be the place to do it.


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