GAME MGS4 Limited Edition Upgrade Will Cost You $159

mgs4aus_small.jpgBig thanks to reader Brendan, who decided to check out what the deal was with GAME and the LE of Metal Gear Solid 4. We posted a story yesterday with news that the retailer had a "limited" number of copies to sell, despite EBGames having the exclusive.

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Brendan was able to confirm that indeed, GAME has the Limited Edition - 20,000 copies apparently (UPDATE: More likely the worldwide number). That's the only bit of good news though. He says the store is asking $159 for the honour.

Do you reckon it's worth it? I know I'd be hard-pressed.


    Actually, It's only 20,000 worldwide, so super limited

    NZ is paying $180 for the LE and I'm getting it.

    Game + bonus Blu-Ray with lotsa video crap + Soundtrack + 6" Solid Snake action figure (that the US release isn't getting.)
    More expensive than the GTA4 LE but I think that due to how limited it is, it's worth it.

    HAHAHAHAHA is that for real? Who the hell can afford a console game that costs that much? I still can't believe the average price of games as is let alone the price of these so called LE or SE versions.

    If it isn't bad enough that Kojima is an arrogant turd over inflating his own self importance in the annals of video game production. We also have to get slapped with these over the top absurd prices for games with 90% cut scene 10% game play.

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