GAME Upgrading MGS4 Preorders To Limited Edition?

mgs4aus_small.jpgEBGames may have the scoop on Limited Editions of Metal Gear Solid 4 but that hasn’t stop GAME from sneaking copies in under the radar. Or above the radar. Well, we didn’t know about it until now anyway.

Tipster Clancy recently sent us this tidbit:

Just got a call today from GAME offering to upgrade my Metal Gear Solid pre order to a Limited Edition. Apparently they managed to source some. They hadn’t run out when I went past at about 5pm, but they said it was apparently “really limited”. So heads up I guess if you missed out on getting one from EB.

Note that this email came in a few days ago.

I’d love to call GAME to confirm, but a recent trip to the dentist has left me, well, unable to speak good. So if you hear anything else, let us know!


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