GameSpot's GTA IV Score-Change Down To A "Bug"

Some of the more eagle-eyed/paranoid dwellers from the darkest recesses of the internet discovered a few days back that when GameSpot's GTA IV score was first spotted, it was given a score of 9.5, then quickly "changed" to a perfect 10. I don't need to tell you there was much tin-foil-hattery surrounding the possible causes for this. Well, according to GameSpot's EIC Ricardo Torres, it was all down to a bug:

...there was a bug in our publishing system on Monday that caused the incorrect score for GTAIV, a 9.5, to appear for on some pages for a while. This happened hours before we posted the actual score with the review, a 10. This has all led to a lot of talk and speculation so I'm going to set things straight, short answer: it's not true.

Whether you believe him or not's up to you. The more important question should be: how much do you really care about .5 of a GameSpot score?
The scoop on the GTA IV score [GameSpot][Pic]


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