GameTraders Heads To MySpace

gt_myspace.jpgWe've all heard of GameTraders. It's been breaking street dates since the beginning of time, and probably a little before then.

In order to keep customers up-to-date with tournaments, deals, offers and the like, the Carillon store has started a MySpace page. While I think Facebook might have been a better choice, MySpace is more than sufficient.

If you're a fan of the independent retailer, it might be an idea to sign up. At the moment it doesn't provide much, but Travis of GameTraders says he's in the process of getting it up to scratch.

GT Carillon [MySpace]



    Back OT, no offense to them, but that's a pretty ugly page.

    Gametraders Carillon FTW! i like the page cause im in the top friends hahaha lols

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