Get Shitfaced With Final Fantasy

Reader Robin writes:

Here you can find pictures and info of a Final Fantasy bar we hosted at Scrollbar in ITU of Copenhagen. We created some special cocktails for the event as well.

Robin and co. were able to pull their Final Fantasy and boozing knowledge together to create 15 FF themed drinks. Three most popular drinks? The Waltz on the Moon, the Summoner Yuna, and the Aerith.

Hit the jump for the recipes and pics:

Waltz on the Moon

For the Beautiful Couple

* 1 cl Bols Lychee
* 1 cl Bols Banana
* 3 cl Apple Juice
* 2 cl Orange Juice

Shake with ice and strain into Cocktail glass.

One lime wedge

Loosely inspired by the 'Melow Martini'. The Waltz on the Moon was so popular that we're adding it to our normal drink list!

Summoner Yuna

Divine Passion

* 2 cl Gin
* 1 cl Galliano
* Sprite
* 1 cl Passoã

Pour gin and galliano in a Highballs Glass filled with ice cubes. Fill up with Sprite and top up with the Passoã.

Loosely inspired by the 'South Pacific Breeze'. The Summoner Yuna was so popular that we're adding it to our normal drink list!

Aerith "Virgin"

Pure Innocence

* 3 cl Cranberry Juice
* 5 cl Apple Juice
* 1 cl Lime Juice
* 1½ cl Grenadine
* Ginger Ale

Shake first 4 ingredients. Top up with ginger ale.

Three lime wedges put into drink

Final Fantasy Night [Scrollbar]


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