Golden Joysticks Team With London Games Festival

The 3rd annual London Games Festival is set to kick off in late October, and for the first time the Golden Joystick Awards will be there. Now in its 26th year, the 2008 Golden Joystick Awards show will now be a major part of the week-long gaming festival, taking place from the 25th of October through the 2nd of November. Says Keith Ramsdale, Chairman of the 2008 LGF,

'The Golden Joystick Awards have been a gaming calendar highlight for years. The London Games Festival team is delighted to enter into an exclusive relationship with Future, opening up a range of opportunities for both the Festival and the Joysticks.'

Announced earlier this week, preliminary voting is now open for the awards, which are based completely on the voting public. Make sure you get your votes in, or it's High School: The Musical for Game of the Year.


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