Goodbye, Project Gotham Racing 4, You Will Be Missed

I'm going to level with you: Project Gotham Racing 4 is my favourite racing game of all time. Hands down. Yes, other games feature more content, and yes, other games are more "realistic", but you know, I don't care. They can't match it for visual flair, they can't match it for sound design, and they definitely can't match the total package of making me feel like I'm strapped inside a ridiculously expensive sports car. So it's with tears welling in the corner of my eyes that I read Bizarre have said there's no more content on the way for the game, at least from them (and, really, nobody else will bother). So it's done. That's it. Not surprising, when you consider Bizarre are now paid by Activision, but still. It's final, and as such, it's saddening. Because it's the final nail in the coffin of a game that lived too fast and died too young.

Bizarre finished with PGR4 content [CVG]


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