Gore Verbinski Making BioShock Movie, Eyeing Portal

Publisher Take Two has inked its first movie deal. According to Variety, underwater corridor FPS BioShock is getting a big Hollywood film adaptation. The biggest film-to-game deal since Peter Jackson's ill-fated Halo movie, the BioShock Universal produced flick will be helmed by Pirates of the Caribbean director Gore Verbinski. Universal is in talks with Oscar nominated scribe John Logan (The Aviator) to do the script. Verbinski has been talking with BioShock creator Ken Levine on a regular basis about the project, but no word what official capacity he'll take. Verbinski says he plans on making an R-rate film and work will begin once there's a quality script. About BioShock, Verbinski says:

Of all the games out there, I think Bioshock is the one that's the most engaging. I think the whole utopia-gone-wrong story that's cleverly unveiled to players is brimming with cinematic potential.

BioShock's great and all, but perhaps Verbinski needs to play some more games. He has! Portal, he's played that, and seems to have his eye on turning that into a feature film: "I hope to make it up to Valve. "Portal" is one of my favourites. For now, it's just an open dialogue about how far we can push this thing." While we're not entirely convinced Verbinski has the directing chops (Doesn't BioShock need more than just a stylist?), we pretty sure this film is going to open up a floodgates for even more big time Hollywood film adaptations. For better or worse, for better or worse. Verbinski Interview [Variety]


    I'd like to be happy about this and no doubt I'll throw down my cash but why would we need a movie of Bioshock? Actually playing through the game is far more engaging an experience than simply watching the events play out on a movie screen. This is completely redundant excercise.

    well, not everyone likes playing games, so if the movie can do the game justice, then movie-goers will have something great to look forward to.

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