Grandma, You're Sitting at the Gears of War Table

Seriously, could you imagine saying that to a non-gamer wedding guest? On the upside, they'd never know you deliberately seated them at the last table over by the kitchen. "Aunt Loretta, you're at the Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing Table with my high school guidance counselor." "Well, I'm touched you thought of me that way ..."

This couple did a gamer-themed wedding — tastefully eschewing cosplay for the wedding attire, I might add. But they did trick out the reception with game-themed table cards and, of course, a Super Mario cake (which always gets our attention.)

I want to know who will be the first to have their wedding musicians set up on Rock Band. It's inevitable.

A Gamer's Wedding [StarCraft 2 Feeds, thanks Lipton]


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