Greenberg Explains Why He Went Berserk

Remember when Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg went berserk and bit Sony in the face? Sure you do! On Larry Hryb's podcast, Greenberg expressed what was going through his head:

I was basically expressing my frustration at a lot of specific things that they had promised over time... I think Sony has had a history of over-promising and under-delivering. [I was]just using actual facts of all the things that they had promised. I think I talked to some folks about this afterwards, but I think as an industry, we owe it to our customers to be straight with them. I think that some of the stuff we've talked about, while the reaction may not always be positive, we're going to tell you... People just want you to be straight with them. We know titles slip, we know things happen, and there's little we can do to control that, but if we promise something — I think as an industry — we need to start living up to our promises. As an organisation, i think Xbox has a pretty good track record of doing that.

You sure, Aaron?
Podcast [Larry Hryb via videogaming247][Pic]


    let me promise Aaron Greenberg something;

    I'll promise to STFU as long as he goes @#$% himself and his Red Ring Of Death.

    I'm an anti-microsoft person myself, but - Xbox did come good on the Red Ring of Death issue eventually though, right?

    It took a long time, but they did make an official apology admitting their mistake and spending heaps of money to repair/replace & extend warranties on faulty 360s?

    To my knowledge they haven't made any other major faux pas... which is a pity coz I love a good MS-bashing.

    What other gaming promises has MS broken?

    Gee Aaron Microsoft rushed out their console to be 1st for the new generation, even though R & D on its reliability was still needed. Now we have a situation where the Xbox360 failure rate is estimated anywhere between 16-33%, as opposed to its competitors which is less than 1%. And of course we the consumer who had the right to know were not informed of this fact at the xbox360 lauch. People in glass houses anyone?

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