GTA IV On PC: No Comment

Background: My favourite versions of GTAIII, Vice City and San Andreas were, believe it or not, the PC ones. Higher resolution, longer draw distance, better controls, custom soundtracks...they were tops. So where's the PC version of GTA IV at? No comment from Rockstar. While blind optimists will say "they were quiet on the last three, too", and hope it'll be with us by Christmas, you should try and remember Rockstar have backed slowly away from PC ports over the past 2-3 years. Where once most Rockstar games would make it to the PC (Manhunt, again, was the superior version), Red Dead Revolver, Bully and Manhunt 2 have all come and gone with no home computer conversion in sight.
Rockstar: "No comment" on GTA IV PC reports [CVG]


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