GTA IV Thief Gets Some Local News Air Time

San Diego area Grand Theft Auto fan Dennis Richard Fiel, recently arrested on suspicion of stealing a couple copies of GTA IV, got some TV time on the local news. You may remember Fiel from our previous boring old text-only post, but now you can watch his police cruiser window kicking and photographer spitting prowess via YouTube. His parents must be so proud! It's filled with local news-isms, making it worth the watch. I wonder if the police officer asking Fiel "Do you wanna get tazed?" got a response. Thanks, Ryan!


    I love that woman (can't remember her name, just said 'Concerned Parent' under her name) was talking about how kids get alienated by games... she does realise the guy was 27 right? that is NOT a kid, that's a stupid guy that didn't want to dish out the cash and then got hungry.

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