GTA Marathon: Go Get Arrested. Lots.

This popped up on the Rockstar Social Club a short while ago: The Liberty City Marathon. In other words, do a lot of what you ordinarily do in GTA, just do it a lot more often — or if you've finished up the missions, do it repeatedly and gratuitously to add on to your achievements. (Seriously, has anyone other than a reviewer finished all the missions yet? I keep starting over just to "play it right." No, really. Told you I was neurotic.)

In other words, for all you out there gunning for 100 percent, just know that you could be doing, I dunno, 110 percent. Some of these events are whoppers.

Jack 2,400 cars? I don't think I raided that many in Vice City and San Andreas combined, even with the steal-cars dealership missions. Also, getting arrested 120 times? Don't they know I restart every time the cops haul me in? Walking 400 miles would probably take 72 hours of real time. Wonder if I can sign Niko up for the Breast Cancer 3-Day.

Seriously, I have not played the game that much to start with: Do these look like marks you'll achieve normally in the course of 100 percenting the game, or will we be taping buttons down to get that 120,000th bullet fired?


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