GTA Soundtrack A Little Too Obscure For Amazon

When Rockstar sat down with Amazon to work out their shiny new soundtrack deal - whereby in-game tracks from GTA IV can be saved to a playlist and then downloaded - they didn't just sort out the money-making end of the deal. Rockstar had to tell them which artists would be appearing on the soundtrack. Then draw some pictures. Then write it down so Amazon could remember, because around 40% of the GTA IV's real in-game music wasn't yet available on Amazon's store (it is now). So one single videogames developer (remember, Rockstar themselves licence the tracks for GTA, not Take-Two) had been able to licence tracks a multinational music distribution giant had not? Says a lot for Amazon's depth. Or Rockstar's insanely niche tastes. Actually, probably both.
"Grand Theft Auto" simplifies song purchasing [Reuters]


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